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Grandpa smiles and nods his head

He knew you’d be like this

Remembers you jumped off his lap

Would not accept his kiss

He sees you now, a full-grown man

So proud of who you are

He waits until you’ll meet again

Embrace amongst the stars

Rover plays with his new toy

The grass a perfect green

His leg has healed, his strength returned

As youthful as he’s been

He looks and sees your tears run down

Be with you if he could

He waits until you’ll play again

And things be as they should

Your lifelong partner danced with you

Through good times and the bad

She knows you now must walk alone

It hurts her that you’re sad

She relives memories you both made

As she watches from above

She waits until you’ll dance again

Defined eternal love

They all are waiting it seems so long

They don’t want us to rush

We’ll reunite when meant to be

Live for them we must

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