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A boy opens his favorite game

The worlds of war await

A wizard he will choose to be

A dream he will create

A girl is not quite sure of this

How do you play this game

A maiden she will choose for now

But can’t decide a name

The wizard battles for his life

The maiden runs away

The characters soon cross their paths

Not sure of what to say

They plan to battle as one force

They laugh about the game

The wizard changes to a knight

The maiden stays the same

The years sped by, the game did fade

The knight and maiden stood

They’ve left the virtual world they knew

Continue on they would

The knight grew up his dreams grew big

The maiden shared it all

He sheds his armor, just a man

For that woman, he did fall

The man opened his heart to her

Their hopes and dreams await

They’ll always battle as one force

Their life they will create

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