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A warrior gazes through the forest

At lands unknown to most

He decides on one to conquer

And overtake its host

Knights of shining armor

Soldiers of the night

He readies men and weaponry

For this cataclysmic fight

The ghosts of legendary wars long past

Have taught him lessons he must learn

They linger in his inner thoughts

For their guidance he will turn

Charge under the moon and stars

Charge to morning light

Charge upon the village

Victory awaits the warrior tonight

The ghosts they have prepared him well

For victories such as this

His army barrels through the gate

But something is amiss

The gold should have been plenty

The resistance even more

The villagers could not be found

No gold, no fight, no war

Can victory be had without a fight

He sheds his shield and spear

Can conquest come with no use of might

No victory cry to hear

He stares up towards the heavens

Satisfaction slipped through his hand

The warrior feels defeated

And the ghosts they laugh again

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