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The Wings of Time

The room is dim

The music's loud

It all seems to disappear

A connection forms from sharing tales

Her words are all you hear

Smiles, laughter, an awkward pause

You get lost inside her eyes

The hour's speed as seconds do

It's always time that flies

The waitress tries to interrupt

While others turn to look

You know they sense the obvious

They know that you are hooked

Smiles, laughter, hardly a pause

Words flow, no need to try

The night, it's going way too fast

Oh, how the time does fly

The music stops

The lights are up

The night comes to an end

She smiles as you say goodbye

Is she more than a friend?

You smile, you laugh, and then you pause

Sometimes life gives us a prize

You hope it's soon to see her next

Another time that flies

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