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  • Joe Colaizzo

The Pilgrim

He starts the journey slowly

One cautious step, now two

A heaven he believes is there

A life to start anew

He’ll roam the way the stars will guide

He’ll dream the promised land

He hopes he’ll capture what was lost

Release his inner man

She wakes to visions buried deep

A life that was her dream

No longer will she sacrifice

Recapture self-esteem

She’ll venture out, it’s time to go

She’ll leave a life that’s bleak

She hopes to find what should’ve been

Those visions she will seek

A father gazes at his child

The doctor’s at a loss

What else to do when faced with this

No matter what the cost

They’ll travel where they need to be

The pain they must relieve

They hope to find solutions sought

Find reasons to believe

Our mecca always waits for us

It waits for us to call

The voyage, it just needs to start

The pilgrim in us all

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