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  • Joe Colaizzo

Greener Grass

Peering in my neighbors yard

At the party next to mine

I turn and survey my abode

And convince myself it's fine

Not much noise fills up my home

Not much fanfare, just some talk

I quietly prepare a simple meal

In dreams I run, in life I walk

Heard about a new job

My friend got yesterday

Much more money, much more fame

Better than my work and pay

Years invested at my place

Doing fine......I come and go

An honest pay for an honest day

Can't help but wonder though

Take a step back

Look inside and out

Our lives are meant for us to live

We waste our time with doubt

The fun next door long ended

Much quieter than yesterday

I'm watching TV with my clan

We talk about the day

The kids are telling stories

I share some of my own

We're laughing at each other now

Feel like a noble on my throne

My friend e-mailed me earlier

Fears he bit too much to chew

Why would he think to call on me?

Why would I know what to do?

Tomorrow I'll go back to work

My cog matters in the greater wheel

My boss said thanks for a job well done

I'll tell the kids at our next meal

Take a step back

Pause and look around

You'll see there's nothing left to find

All you need's already found

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