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  • Joe Colaizzo

Glimpses of Heaven

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Your eyes grew redder at grass stained pants

Those pants were just bought new

Stained as your child, she laughed and rolled

And ran smiling straight to you

The ball bounced way too close to me

Interrupted my train of thought

A dad plays catch with his son nearby

His sense of pride is what I caught

A woman’s plate couldn’t hold her food

It all splattered on the ground

Her elder mom brought her a brand new dish

And moms love is what she found

The dark cloud cut across the sun

Brought raindrops to the day

But smiles and music did not depart

I’m glad I chose to stay

It’s never perfect, It’s never clean

It’s sometimes more than we can bear

But if we choose to look just a little more

Heaven‘s always already there

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