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For the Love of Love

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. The magical day of romance with our significant others. The Roses. The Chocolates. The Dinners. The Pajamagrams. The……... (I’ll let you fill in the blank). So much love in the air today.

I found myself thinking about some other things to make sure we love today……and every day.

Let’s start with the kids. Face it, without you they would not be here. From the moment they were nothing more than a microscopic cell, they have counted on you, believed in you, trusted you. They are not a perfect reflection of you. Nor should they be. They are growing their own way and leading their own life, and they are doing the best they can. But you are in there and they appreciate it. Somedays these kids make you laugh and somedays they drive you nuts……… Just like you did. If you don’t have your own kids, don’t underestimate that you might be that aunt or uncle who has the opportunity to make a lasting, loving impact just the same. No matter how big, strong, smart, successful they are, they look up to you and love you. The role you play, and the love you give, is unlike any other they will have in their lives.

Now that we looked down the family tree, it’s time to look up. Where would you be without your parents? Face it, without them you would not be here. From the moment you were nothing more than a microscopic cell, you counted on them, believed in them, trusted them. Their teachings are in you and whether you agreed with them or you didn’t, you learned from them. Oh, and yes, so many days they made you laugh and so many days they drove you nuts……... Just like you did. Physically or not, rest assured they are here and still teaching you, guiding you, listening to you, rooting for you, loving you. It is unlike anyone else.

Where would this post be without the “appreciate the little things in life” paragraph? You know, those microscopic moments that pass us by in a blink. The moments we know we should take notice of a little more, but we don’t. When your phone pings when that someone you hoped would text you, actually does. When it hits you that you were actually not stressing over that thing you always seem to be stressing about. When the point comes that you complete a task, any task. When you arrive at home, your home, and a shitty day finally ends. When the light hits your eyes in the morning and a new day begins. When it dawns on you that your feeling of nervousness is really the feeling of excitement. When you finally make that decision to face your fear and take a leap. (Now that I re-read this, these microscopic moments are not little at all.)

There is one common thread in all of this. Do you see it?

You are making an everlasting impact on others. You are building relationships. You are taking chances. You are overcoming obstacles. You are learning from when you succeed. You are learning from when you fail. You are achieving goals, both large and small. You are surviving bad days. You are celebrating good days. You have quite a life.

I hope today and every day, even for a microscopic moment, you love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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