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Empty Spaces

I'm left with empty spaces

When the week with kids is done

No laughs, no meals, no movie night

Now what to do for fun

How do we fill those spaces

Empty spaces left behind

The silence taunts and teases us

A solitude unkind

I could rig a pole

Find a lake

Down a beer A protein shake

I could run a mile

Or maybe three

Clean my place

Naah, that's not me

A road trip calls

I like to drive

The music blasts

And I'm alive

I'll hit the bar

They know me well

Might meet someone

You can never tell

I'll call my mom

I know I should

Gotta do those things

That a good son would

I like to write

Some rhymes or prose

So many choices

I'll pick from those

I've learned to fill these spaces

To have them isn't wrong

Empty spaces are only that

Until a filler comes along

P.S. I opted for the beer!!

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