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A Trip Out West

Two men headed way out west

This trip was overdue

A dad and son out seeing sights

Share a moment for the two

They bathed in hot springs on day one

A cleansing for the soul

No better way to kick off the trip

But a moment was the goal

A bison grazed just off the road

They hoped for moose or bear

Two men marveling at a beast

Maybe that’s what they would share

Across the road a tiny hill

What else was there to do?

The climb, it didn’t take that long

No herds, but what a view

The son knelt down, what caught his eye?

A sparkling rock shone back

The dad knelt too and without a word

They started their attack

Some kicks to see if it would move

They scraped along the side

Determined faces on them both

Their grit they could not hide

Another kick, it moved some more

A space formed at long last

Their fingers fit, they lifted up

The rock was in their grasp

The dad looked at his smiling son

Hands smacked the highest five

The sparkling rock was more than that

Their moment had arrived

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