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A Christmas Flight Home

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And I don’t have a tree

The funny thing is though

It’s just fine with me

I have my three boys

Well, men they are now

I can’t help but marvel how big they have grown

And my one-off advice they’ll allow

And then there’s my daughter

The light in each day

It’s her that I would be nothing without

There’s really not more I can say

As far as my friends

Some are near, some are far

And some friends are new

You know who you are

This year had its hurdles

I tripped on a few

But I aim to move forward

It’s what I should do

On this Eve I’ll be flying

It’s a good night to fly

I might even see that old man in a sleigh

And together we'll jet through the sky

So I’ll close with a thank you

For your time with me here

I’ll try to keep thinking up more of these rhymes

And I’ll be sure to see you next year

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