• Joe Colaizzo

Sometimes you just gotta take that step. Maybe it's just a baby step. Maybe it's a big step. Maybe it's a baby step that is also a big step. More often than not, that's how it is.

I watched John get on the bus this morning for his last day of high school. You see, he actually graduated last year but, since he gets autistic support services, his next step needed to be identified a little differently than most high school graduates.

He's going to a new "transition" program where he will learn many independent living skills. Many skills that we take for granted. Many skills that may seem inconsequential. Baby steps in most of our lives. A big step for John.

I can't recall the last time I've seen him this excited. He knows he is moving onward and upward. He knows he should've moved on last year and patiently waited for this step to come. He knows to appreciate this step.

And, yet again, John teaches me. That baby steps are sometimes also big steps. And we should appreciate them all.

Baby Steps!

Like those times at work when you decided to try something new. Suggesting a small change to a time-tested process. Speaking up in a meeting for the first time. Striking up a conversation with a leader that you didn't previously know.

I'm sure you've done one or all of those in your career. Looking back, they may have seemed like such simple, baby steps. But they were big! You made a positive change. You got seen in a different light than you had in the past. You started a relationship with someone that could mentor you, and advocate for you, which is essential as you grow your career.

Baby steps!

Like thinking about what to do, and say, on the second date.

That's right. The second date.

On the first date you balance caution with boldness. Sometimes tilting more one way or the other. And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's all good either way. It's part of the process.

But the second date is different. How cautious should you be? How bold should you be? Your actions, and the response to those actions, will lead to date number three or you will be thrust back to swiping left and right.

So you think about the steps you will take. Not that easy this time!

Maybe, for the first time, you will try to hold her hand. That didn't happen as you were juggling caution and bold but it seems simple and innocent enough. A good baby step.

Just know it could be a big step.

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  • Joe Colaizzo

A warrior gazes through the forest

At lands unknown to most

He decides on one to conquer

And overtake its host

Knights of shining armor

Soldiers of the night

He readies men and weaponry

For this cataclysmic fight

The ghosts of legendary wars long past

Have taught him lessons he must learn

They linger in his inner thoughts

For their guidance he will turn

Charge under the moon and stars

Charge to morning light

Charge upon the village

Victory awaits the warrior tonight

The ghosts they have prepared him well

For victories such as this

His army barrels through the gate

But something is amiss

The gold should have been plenty

The resistance even more

The villagers could not be found

No gold, no fight, no war

Can victory be had without a fight

He sheds his shield and spear

Can conquest come with no use of might

No victory cry to hear

He stares up towards the heavens

Satisfaction slipped through his hand

The warrior feels defeated

And the ghosts they laugh again

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  • Joe Colaizzo

Peering in my neighbors yard

At the party next to mine

I turn and survey my abode

And convince myself it's fine

Not much noise fills up my home

Not much fanfare, just some talk

I quietly prepare a simple meal

In dreams I run, in life I walk

Heard about a new job

My friend got yesterday

Much more money, much more fame

Better than my work and pay

Years invested at my place

Doing fine......I come and go

An honest pay for an honest day

Can't help but wonder though

Take a step back

Look inside and out

Our lives are meant for us to live

We waste our time with doubt

The fun next door long ended

Much quieter than yesterday

I'm watching TV with my clan

We talk about the day

The kids are telling stories

I share some of my own

We're laughing at each other now

Feel like a noble on my throne

My friend e-mailed me earlier

Fears he bit too much to chew

Why would he think to call on me?

Why would I know what to do?

Tomorrow I'll go back to work

My cog matters in the greater wheel

My boss said thanks for a job well done

I'll tell the kids at our next meal

Take a step back

Pause and look around

You'll see there's nothing left to find

All you need's already found

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