• Joe Colaizzo

The Dancer bravely hides the pain

Her muscles weak and sore

Long past are the days on stage

The ovations are no more

She sits in front of little babes

Their boredom clearly shows

But maybe one will have that special gift

So she can pass on what she knows

The Pitcher watches from the bench

At his starter on the mound

Once an all-star, now a coach

A new purpose is what he’s found

He’s shared his knowledge with his staff

They’ve learned a thing or two

He’ll call on college coaches he knows

“I’ve got an arm for you!”

The game has ended, the Pitcher goes home

The Dancer’s already there

She’s started supper, he sets the plates

And a glass of wine to share

They tell the stories of their day

Of the youth they’ve helped to grow

No more cheers and awards for them

Their impact now is what they know

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  • Joe Colaizzo

19,710 days

I'm lucky it's been that long

So many experiences, so many things

So many done right, and even some were done wrong

But some numbers stand out way more than most

They rise above the rest

They keep me grounded, keep me sharp

I would say that they're the best

Like 40 fingers and 40 toes

That are on this earth because of me

Their 4 hearts always top of mind

Their happiness is all I want to see

Like 1 mom, 1 dad

And 1 brother in the clan

They taught me things they don't recall

They made me who I am

Like 3 careers in my working life

2 are done and 1's in play

They all came at the proper time

So I could have a most fulfilling day

Like the numbers in my future

Is it a what? Is it a who?

Whatever's in the days to come

More moments I will share with you

19,710 days

There's been so much to see

I'm lucky for my experiences and things

It's a Happy Birthday for me

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  • Joe Colaizzo

It started on a diamond

The outfield and the mound

Three cool teens with cooler dreams

A friendship’s what was found

It grew outside of baseball fields

To parking lots and surf

To New York City dancing clubs

Where they landed was their turf

College came and split them up

Those dreams were coming true

Baseball would still play a part

But separately was new

Marriage came, then jobs and kids

Homes were far away

Time got long between the calls

No more games to play

The time turned into years so fast

The hair’s now thin and grey

The gut might be a little soft

I long for one more day

I got a message from afar

There's a baseball game nearby

The son of one of those cool teens

I’ll be there. I will fly.

I know I’ll be transported

To a time so long ago

I’ll see those two amazing friends

The best friends I’ll ever know

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