• Joe Colaizzo

An idea that’s adventurous

A goal hard to achieve

The doubters may include yourself

But pain you must relieve

A voyage of uncertainty

A journey that’s unclear

The lofty goal should it be hit

Removes a bit of fear

The long odds bet is tempting

The prize has drawn you in

Sometimes you have to take that chance

And trust that you will win

You pause to take those first small steps

It’s easier to sit

But what if all your dreams come true

What if you didn’t quit

This life is one and that is all

The moonshot’s yours to take

It may be hard and while unsure

Your moment might await

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  • Joe Colaizzo

You believe the doors are locked

And the walls are closing in

You believe your world is rocked

Can't remember where you've been

A light streaks through the darkness

It's been there all this time

It's calling you to grab its tail

To show you not to fear the fail

And you reach up toward the sky

With no doubt or wonder why

And the spark that's in your eye

Is what says that you can fly

You dream there's more than this

As you wait for evidence

You worry what you'll miss

You dream for one more chance

That light still pierces through the night

Reminds you that it's there

It shakes you out of restless sleep

To escape what you don't have to keep

And you reach up toward the sky

With no doubt or wonder why

And that spark's still in your eye

Now it's time for you to fly

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  • Joe Colaizzo

The room is dim

The music's loud

It all seems to disappear

A connection forms from sharing tales

Her words are all you hear

Smiles, laughter, an awkward pause

You get lost inside her eyes

The hour's speed as seconds do

It's always time that flies

The waitress tries to interrupt

While others turn to look

You know they sense the obvious

They know that you are hooked

Smiles, laughter, hardly a pause

Words flow, no need to try

The night, it's going way too fast

Oh, how the time does fly

The music stops

The lights are up

The night comes to an end

She smiles as you say goodbye

Is she more than a friend?

You smile, you laugh, and then you pause

Sometimes life gives us a prize

You hope it's soon to see her next

Another time that flies

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